Implement Connection/Payment Journey



  1. Create a developer account
  2. Retrieve your "app key" and "app secret"
  3. Configure webhook urls

Create an access Token

The 1st step required for this journey is to retrieve/create an access token. Without an access token you cannot use our products, or access any data.

You can follow this full guide, or jump straight into the token API reference.

Create a connection

A connection resembles a link between the end user, and the data provided by any financial institution, in other words: a connection is a given consent. This will allow Open Finance to retrieve account and transaction data on behalf of the user.

To create a connection follow this API reference.
To learn more about connections got to Connections

Link you financial institution

You've created a connection, in response you'll get a connectUrl which is a link to our connection journey. After choosing your financial institution, you will be prompted to authenticate using your credentials.

Fetch accounts and transactions

After completing the connection journey and if the connection is in a valid status you can get your users financial data using previously created access token to Get accounts and Get transactions.

Create a Payment

To start transferring money with A2A payment initiation, you can follow these steps:

  1. Initiate Payment Request:
    Use the Initiate Payment API to create a payment order. This step requires details such as the amount, currency, and the beneficiary's information.

  2. Link Your Financial Institution:
    After creating a payment request, you will receive a paymentUrl which directs you to our payment journey. Here, you can select your financial institution and authenticate using your credentials.

  3. Confirm Payment:
    Once authenticated, you will be asked to confirm the payment. The confirmation process ensures that the payment details are correct and authorizes the transaction.

  4. Payment Status:
    After the payment is confirmed, you can check the payment status using the Get Payment Status API. This allows you to track the payment until it is completed.