Deleting a connection

What happens when deleting a connection


Connection deletion repercussions

Please be mindful that according to regulation, when deleting a connection for a user we are obliged to delete all the connection financial data. Which means all the financial data fetched in this connection will be forever lost

When a connection is deleted?

The connection can be deleted in multiple ways.

  1. Delete connection API - See Delete connection by ID (user scope)
  2. Delete a connection from the dashboard. Using the connection tab in our dashboard you can delete specific connection.
  1. Connection is expired - when creating an OAuth connection (PSD2), the connection has to have an expiry date. If this expiry date reaches the connection is no longer valid and will be deleted
  2. User removed consent in his financial institution - As part of the regulation, a user can revoke a consent from his financial institution app or website. After we will notify the consent of this connection is revoked, we will delete all it's data