Creating your first connection

For an easy start to see how our platform works

Getting access to the Open Finance Dashboard

To get access to the open finance dashboard ask for your colleague to invite you from the dashboard in the Team Members section.


An invitation email will be sent to you, once approved you will need to set a password and you can proceed with the login.
After you successfully logged in to the dashboard go to the Connections tab and press the create connection button

Make sure to enable Include sandbox providers in order to see our system with the sandbox providers for a quick start.
After starting the consent journey, choose the wanted provider, enter the nationalId/passport are and submit.

Well done 👍 you created your first connection successfully, you can now try to connect with a real provider or using our API

Creating you first connection using the API

in order to get started using our API's please see the guide Authentication in order to get an access token.

After successfully getting an access token you can go ahead and create your first connection with the API /connections